Funds raised by the Thoreau Elementary PTA go directly in to the school to supplement and enhance your child's educational experience.  Here are some of the things the PTA has paid for:

  • Instruments for music classes
  • Field trips
  • Classroom equipment
  • Educational and fun assemblies
  • Art docent supplies
  • Vision and hearing testing for all students
  • Legislative support - making priorities known at the state legislature
  • Family events - event admission costs do not reflect the actual cost of the event. PTA funds make up the difference.
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Staff appreciation week
  • Student directories
  • Two laptops for the Thoreau Library
  • This website where all your needs are met regarding all things Thoreau PTA

Thoreau Elementary parents place a high value on education and have backed fundraising efforts and the PTA.  Thanks for your continued support!