Thoreau Ribbit Run

The Thoreau Ribbit Run gives students the opportunity to embrace their school spirit as well as showcase their ability to achieve greatness through exercise and teamwork!  This year’s Ribbit Run date on Friday 9/27! Students will have the chance to run, walk, hop, skip or roll together, promoting heart-healthy activities while reinforcing a positive atmosphere.


Our all-school goal breaks down to $75 per student. Please donate what you can to help reach our goal - every bit helps! The proceeds will assist in enhancing the learning experience of every student at H.D. Thoreau Elementary School.


Parents Donate Here Guests Donate Here


Important Dates

  • 9/10 Ribbit Run Kick Off
  • 9/10- 9/27 Race to Raise Funds
  • 9/27 Ribbit Run Day!


Ribbit Run Documents for Students (Login Required)