The After-School Enrichment Program at Thoreau Elementary is conducted entirely by the volunteers on the PTA board. These programs would not exist without the PTA. Please remember to support these programs by purchasing your PTA Membership.


Registration and Payment

Registrations are 100% online and on a first come first served basis. Your registration is not complete until payment is received.

When registering, you will be required to pay online by a credit card or by check. Please note that registrations by check must be turned in to the main office and will only be processed at the end of the day they are received. If the classes are full at that time, then the check will be returned.

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships are available for each class and are available through the generous donations to the PTA Scholarship Fund. If you need financial assistance, please contact Madison Powers, our school counselor, at

Scholarships are completely confidential.


Parent Volunteer

Each class will have a dedicated parent volunteer who will attend each class and WILL RECEIVE FREE TUITION FOR THEIR STUDENT FOR THE CLASS!!! If you are interested, please indicate when you register online, and if you are assigned as the class volunteer you will be refunded the tuition cost for that class. Each class must have a parent volunteer or the class will be cancelled. The class volunteer must be a PTA member, and all parent volunteers, in any capacity, must have completed the LWSD background check. 



To ensure the safety of your children, the teachers and volunteers, it's important that the following rules are followed:

Code of Conduct: Students must be respectful of the class instructor and classroom during after-school classes. Any misbehavior will be reported to the student's parents as a first warning. At third warning, the student will be dismissed from the class without a refund. Students and parents must agree to the Enrichment Code of Conduct terms before registering for each class.

Class Maximums: Maximum enrollment numbers are listed on the website and are strictly enforced. No exceptions.

Pick up Time: Parents must pick-up and sign out students promptly at the end of each class at the designated time and place.


Refund Policy

Refunds are based on when the cancellation is received. Cancellations received:

  • Two weeks or more prior to class start date will receive a full refund.
  • After the first week of class, NO REFUNDS.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes. Snow days will be made up if possible. 


Contact Info

If you have questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact the Enrichment chair, Conny Bergelt. We want to hear from you! We can be reached at