Code of Conduct For Students and Parents Involved in
PTA Enrichment Activities @ Thoreau Elementary

Thoreau Elementary PTA strives to provide kids with programs and classes that promote student growth and enrichment. In order for us to achieve that goal, each student enrolled in these activities must demonstrate acceptable behavior standards. 

Student Behavior Responsibilities during PTA sponsored activities

  • Students are expected to exhibit conduct which is courteous, cooperative, responsible, and respectful.
  • Students are responsible for their own behavior.
  • Students are responsible for respecting school property and personal belongings.
  • Students are responsible for attending activates as per the schedule and being on time to the activity.

Parent Responsibilities during PTA sponsored activities

  • Parents are responsible for letting the parent volunteer/coordinator know if child will be absent from class.
  • Parents are responsible for picking up their student on time at the designated place.
  • Parents are responsible to physically sign students out unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Parents are responsible for reminding students that classes are not recess and that class room behavior still applies.
    • When a student is having difficulty adhering to behavior standards, one or more of the following steps will be taken:
      • Instructor will talk with student to try to encourage proper or expected behavior.
      • Instructor will talk with parent to inform them of their child’s behavior difficulties.
      • Failure of the student to comply with behavior standards will result in immediate dismissal from the program.